Fantasy Basel  2022

Game Master Registrations

Fantasy Basel is around the corner. Of course SwissRPG should be there, represent role playing games, and help people discover and play such games. For this, we need awesome and dedicated Game Masters to run multiple games to enthusiastic players.

We need you!

Running a booth and games at a convention is no small feat. We will get a high volume of visitors eager to play role playing games. For this to be possible, we’ll need a great team of volunteers ready to give all they can to make this happen.

Because this is an important commitment, we want to make sure you understand what you’re getting into. So please read below what your responsibilities will be.

Free entry

For the days you are involved. You’ll get a free day ticket to the convention.

Happy visitors

We will need your full day commitment for each of the days you select to run games at. This means as a GM you will run several games for the entirety of the day.

Game Masters

Real commitment

We’re going to plan everything around your game, and players will register in advance. It’s important you commit and not cancel or some players will be left without a game.

Full day commitment

You’ll be running games the entire day. You’ll of course have breaks between games to rest, have lunch, and visit the convention.

Short adventures

Your games will be fairly short at 2 hours. Please prepare one or more adventures accordingly. 

Pre-made characters

Please provide a selection of pre-made characters so you can run your games quickly. We can make some available to you as well if you’d like. Send your character sheets to an organiser as soon as possible.