Hero Fest 2022 – GM Registrations

GM Registrations - Hero Fest Bern 2022

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Let's start with data privacy

SwissRPG is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, so it's important for us to start by explaining what we do with your data. As a rule, we will only use your personal information for statistical purposes and to provide services you requested from us. We will never share your personal information to third parties unless required by law. We might share statistical data with third parties such as how the community is split in age groups, but this will not include personal data. Please read our full privacy policy and contact us if you have any questions. Once you're all clear with this, please tick below to give your consent to this.

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So we can contact you. Your meetup profile is especially important to make you a Host of your own game.
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It's essential that you commit to run your game(s) and do not cancel. We will have lots of players visiting our booth so a GM that does not show up has strong consequences. Things can happen of course, but please commit with full awareness of this. Thank you.
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Please prepare pre-made character sheets for 5 characters. When they're done, please send the PDFs to organisers so we can print them out, at least 1 week before the convention dates.

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Please keep in mind we will confirm your participation by email or on Discord.
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