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Champion | ˈtʃampɪən |

A person who vigorously supports or defends a person or cause.

Support swissRPG

SwissRPG is made possible by volunteers who have given, and continue to give, a tremendous amount of time and effort to make the association function. The time that we have spent growing and nurturing SwissRPG has shown us that there is a demand for what we do. At our current size, we now need your support to continue functioning and doing more.

The new golden age of role playing games is here!

By becoming a SwissRPG Champion, you help us get closer to financial sustainability and support our mission to enable players and Game Masters to discover and play role playing games all over the country.


What the champion program is

Akin to Patreon or Ko-fi, the SwissRPG Champion program allows you to commit to donate monthly or yearly sums to the SwissRPG Association. We’ve opted for this route for a few reasons. First, many adventurers in the community asked us to do so. Second, rather than keep asking for donations to the same people repeatedly, we would rather spend our time and energy on projects and events for the community. Thirdly, recurring donations allow us to know what our finances will look like, and, therefore, empower us to plan projects with low risk and high confidence.

What we do with the donations

Lots of really cool things. We don’t want to be too specific because things change all the time, but we want to organise more and bigger events for the community. We plan on being at the major conventions of Switzerland. We would like to cover some or all expenses of Game Masters for our special events. We’d love to rent our own club spaces for the community to meet and play at. As we grow, our expenses do so too and it’s important that we’re able to cover them. If we can, we’d love to compensate our volunteers for their hard work as well.

100% optional

SwissRPG offers remain free. Let’s be clear that even if you don’t donate anything, you will continue to benefit from the SwissRPG services and resources for free like before. We’re not taking anything away.



Trust and transparency in how we manage our financials is essential. We will, therefore, publish a yearly financial report and our association statutes are available in the footer of this website.


As a showcase of our gratitude for your donations, we will give you rewards specific to your Champion tier. Not to be confused with “purchases”, these are as thank you gifts for your support.


SwissRPG is a non-profit association governed by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. By law, we reinvest all earnings into the association to accomplish its goals.

Choose your path, champion.


  • Enable us to stay caffeinated.
  • Get the Champion status on Discord.


  • Enable SwissRPG to cover some expenses and keep growing.
  • Get all the Novice rewards.
  • Get access to the Champions private channel where you’ll hear important SwissRPG news before everyone else.
  • Get to vote on special decisions like which special event we should focus on next.


  • Enable SwissRPG to get closer to sustainability and keep growing.
  • Get all the Apprentice rewards.
  • Get priority registrations to special events before everyone else.
  • Get early access to SwissRPG merch, including limited editions (coming soon.)
  • Join the yearly Champions Conclave event where we look at all we’ve accomplished, look to the future of the association and celebrate.


  • Enable SwissRPG to tackle on new ventures that will benefit the entire community.
  • Get all the Adept rewards.
  • Get Early Bird prices (when applicable) always.
  • Get a discount on select SwissRPG merchandise (coming soon.)


  • Wow you really are legendary!
  • Get all the Master rewards.
  • To show our appreciation of your incredible commitment, we will prepare a special surprise thank you gift for you. No spoilers.

No credit card, or want an alternative?

If you can’t pay by credit card or would prefer not to commit to a monthly or yearly donation, we have some alternatives available.

We are happy to accept your donations in the form of a bank transfer or Twint payment. You can find our payment information here. If you would like to benefit from the Champion rewards, please email us and provide us with your selected Champion tier (yearly only), a proof of payment, your email address, your Discord username, your full name and your written consent to our privacy policy. We will then activate your rewards as soon as possible.

If these options still don’t work for you, please contact us so we can find a different way to accept your donation.

Bank transfer

Attention to: SwissRPG

8001 Zürich

IBAN:  CH23 0825 2026 4208 C000 C


Bank: Banca Popolare di Sondrio (SUISSE) SA

Reference: SwissRPG donation

Twint payment

Just scan the following QR code from your phone.


Take a screenshot of your payment (or write down your 4-character payment code) for proof and send it to an @admin. We won’t know you paid otherwise.

Get in touch

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