SwissRPG Merch Shop

Wear our colors proudly and support our association in the process.

Want some Premium Metal dice ?

We got them! With our shiny colours and logo on them and all sitting nicely in a black metal box. And they can be yours soon.


SwissRPG is a non-profit association governed by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. By law, we reinvest all earnings into the association to accomplish its goals.

Our margin

Our partner Spreadshirt takes care of production, shipping and payments for our products. They collect your payments and send us a margin on all sales. We try to make our margin reasonable so that the products keep a reasonable price while still allowing us to do something meaningful with it. As a rough idea, we make about CHF 10.- per t-shirt sold.


One of the key reasons we chose Spreadshirt is because of their claims of responsibility. We care that our products are made as close to us, respect the environment and the humans involved in the process of making and getting the products to your door.

Feedback matters

If you have feedback or some product ideas, we’d love to hear from you.