Financial Report 2020

Trust and transparency towards our community is essential for us. For this purpose, we publish a yearly financial report that explains what we do with our funds. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Dear Champions and SwissRPG Adventurers.

As we launched the Champion program in 2020, this is our very first financial report, where we share with you an overview of what happened last year, and where we’re going next. I am always keen to hear your feedback and answer your questions, so please feel free to reach out to me directly on Discord or through the contact form below.

Alp Tekyildiz
Founder of SwissRPG | Level 7 Bard, College of Valor

2020 – a year of adaptation

Our plan for 2020 was a strong presence at Fantasy Basel, Zürich Game Show and other conventions. That being said, we had to shift our primary focus swiftly following the constraints which started in March. This meant:

  • Expenses for conventions and in-person events only occurred pre-March 2020, which is much less than forecasted;
  • Continuous investment in technology and online content for people to keep rolling dice virtually and provide virtual community space;
  • Countless hours among organisers, community managers and developers to create new ways to play, to empower GMs to run online games, and to build virtual social space for the community.

We especially want to call out a few key people who have been putting in huge efforts to make all of the above possible in a challenging time:

Ben & Luke

Our two organizers are the power house of ideas, shepherds of the GMs & Community Managers, and guides to the new bloods. Thanks to Ben and Luke, we have smooth publishing of games, get our games going virtual in a short time, and enjoy this lively community. Thank you Ben & Luke!


Our technical genius, father of Hyperion and all the magic we wield on Discord and Meetup. His expertise enables us to communicate online, have fun together, and helps the org team to manage this 1800+ strong community with more ease. Thank you Danny!


Of course we would not forget the GMs and the Community Managers, who are the cornerstones of this community of passion. We feel incredibly grateful to have this community and honored to serve and nurture a culture that brings joy in our lives.


Last but not least, we’d like to address a special thank you to Nicky, who was with us from the beginnings of SwissRPG more than 3 years ago. She has been an immense source of support, guidance and inspiration. We worked closely together to define what SwissRPG is and where it is headed, and have spent much time and effort bringing this to life. Nicky had to step away from SwissRPG activities at the end of last year due to work and time constraints. Nevertheless, she remains a passionate role-player, and we will always be thankful for her important contribution and positive energy.

2021 – a year of exploration

This year, we want to build on our momentum to take SwissRPG to the next level. Some concrete and early stage ideas:

  • Solid presence at key conventions across the country – wherever/whenever possible under the circumstances;
  • Continuous investment in technology to provide great virtual platforms and to improve general communications and organization;
  • Investigate and trial community space(s) for in-person activities;
  • Develop incentives and ways of recognition for key contributors to the community.

Final words

Some of these goals will require additional work from our team, and some will require fundraising. SwissRPG is running on extremely little funds for a community of our size, thanks to all of the volunteers putting in their time and efforts in bootstrapping this association until today. As we grow and aim to keep reinventing ourselves, it is critical to find a path towards long-term sustainability in organization and management for the value we provide. With that in mind, we want to thank you again for recognizing our work through your donations. We really appreciate it.

With our enthusiasm and gratitude,

The SwissRPG organisers.

Financial Report

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